The RIGHT MOISTURIZER For Combination Skin Type

Today is the first day of autumn. Autumn calls mixed feelings in me. Thanks to New York autumn themed movies and hot drinks to sweeten these cold days and… dry skin to sadden them. I have combination skin and taking care of it is a real hustle, to be honest. I’m sure all of you who have the same type are sighing like me right now.

perfect skin issue Alba Botanica Oil Free Moisturizer

I had a very long journey of coming to a calm my skin down to this point. I had help from two different dermatologists. The main take away from both these relationships with these professionals is… to moisturize skin. It is not new to you but it is so important to do it every single day! And the secret is in moisturizing it not with any product you see is working for others but with the one that is right for your skin type.

The trick here is that you find the RIGHT MOISTURIZER for your skin type. As I mentioned above I have combination skin type and my dermatologists made it very clear to stay away from oils. Both…Even though I came to one with very irritated and angry skin that desperately needed to quench its thirst she did not suggest me to using oil containing products at all. She said, “Stay away from it!” That is what is causing my skin to get confused.  It generates more oil for protection and starts breaking out by oils I’m putting on top “to moisturize it.”

perfect skin issue Alba Botanica Oil Free Moisturizer So she put me on an oil-free moisturizer diet and my skin and I are feeling happy since! Seriously, this little change in my routine changed my life in such big way. I’ve been very happy but still searching even for a better product working both on both sides: making my skin look better and being budget friendly at the same time.

And I found the one in the Columbus Circle’s Whole Foods store. Among their selection of organic and natural skin care products, I found my favorite moisturizer that made my skin feel so much better and clear.

I would give it 100 stars on reviews if I could. And it’s only $11 here on Amazon

What?..I bought mine for $19 at Whole Foods(((

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Oil-Free Moisturizer, Aloe & Green Tea

This is my life savior. It’s not only making me glow and feel very comfortable in my skin… also, it smells amazing! It smells like a Hawaiian tropical fruit heaven. It feels very light on my skin but yet moisturizing. It contains aloe and green tea, which are great ingredients to help calm and heal acne prone areas.

If you try it please let me know how it goes for you or if you have other products that helped you. I’d be happy to hear back from you as I’m happy to share things with you that helped me. Thanks.

Here is how my skin before and how it changed after using this oil-free moisturizer.


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