Vintage bag, Sophia Webster shoes, VS slip dress, Anthropologie slacks

Waking up early was always hard for me. I snooze 25 alarms set all morning long. It must bad for my sleeping habits, but I love so much waking up and just lay in bed and dream for a while… for a few hours. Living in New York, it is considered to be a luxury. Only here I met most hardworking and time efficient individuals in my entire life. And their way of living intimidated me in the right way… It’s not that I am a lazy girl, I just like to dream. I always dedicate all myself into a working process I love doing. Sometimes, it gets too much, and I get too focused, so I forget the world around me for days and weeks. At the same time, I feel like I have a need for recovery, so I organize these nothing-doing-all-day days.

Have you ever had this feeling when you want to dedicate the time only to resting and enjoying yourself? So I do… very often though. So often during these days, I feel guilty not for really enjoying my self-claimed short couch vacation forgettingĀ about the existence of productivity but for forgetting about myĀ appearance. The reason is that getting ready and having my regular everyday look takes me about an hour to achieve. And most of the time when I amĀ alone and resting I skip that morning ritual. So after a few hours in a day, I regret: having nothing done and looking not my best. It is hard to admit as a confident posture for the-enjoying-myself day.

Today I decide to change that major frustration of mineĀ and dress up to rest but keep the sleep dress for the vibe. It is way too beautiful and comfortable to take off. Even though,Ā I spent my day relaxing (sometimes on a couch as you can see from the photo), I felt so good about looking my best today. And it allowed me to enjoy myself even when I did nothing and neither went anywhere the whole day.

Photo is from Victoria’s Secret

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