Chloé clutch, &Otherstories shoes, Cos dress, vintage coat & shirt 


About Me

My name is Kristina. I’m 24, currently studying at NYU. It is my first post on Aesthetic Reaction, and my excitement is tremendous at the moment! I love beauty and unique aesthetics that I discover on the streets of NYC. I hope I am not alone in it. It always strikes me that there are so much strength and individuality showing through the appearance of New Yorkers.

To be open from the very beginning, I never had a perfect life or perfect situation. But, I always wanted to show pure and perfect myself no matter what I was going through in my life at those moments: whether I felt sad, happy, or lost. It’s life, but I still wanted to look according to my aesthetics in spite of the emotional situation I had to feel through. It is hard to not to fall under the pressuring pace of constant ambitions and to do’s every day. But, I feel that finding a moment in this endless NYC race to really show your true self is a way to strengthen and balance yourself. I found it to be where courage, energy, and positivity are coming from. I realize that looking according to my personal aesthetics is a way to show that you are stronger than the environment and events around you, that your inner world is peaceful like other incredible and talented people’s around me.

“The Originality Paradox”

I remember a post by Seth Godin. It was about the paradox, where a tremendous number of individuals working and racing in the same place for the same thing. For me, the same place and the same thing will be fashion. When thinking logically, that it is unbelievably hard to win the “prize,” how to get to the top in such a huge competition when the chances are so small. And at “The Originality Paradox” post he wrote that the chances to succeed are “Nearly zero and certain. At the same time. Pick your odds, decide what you care about and act accordingly.

So I’m “picking my odds and what I care about I will start acting accordingly” to have a serious fun and being myself.

There is always a place for your personality, for your individual aesthetic reaction.

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